Mohawk-Unicorn Hat by Mystik Designs
Custom Made Mohawk/Unicorn Hat

Lemme know what kind of mohawk or unicorn hat you want sitting on your head. I’ll make it in whatever color choices your prefer and in whatever preferred material you choose, if any. I can add ears, horns, long braids, … Read More

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Dr Who Scarf by Mystik Designs
Dr. Who Cosplay Scarf

This is a made to order scarf optimal for time travel. Please allow up to three weeks for it to be completed. The yarn fiber is soft acrylic, but an alternate fiber choice is available for a nominal upgrade fee. This scarf is about 15 feet long, but will stretch out over time due to the weight of the scarf and elasticity of the stitch.

All sales are final! I do NOT accept returns on this item.

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