Harry Potter Hogwarts House Trapped Bar Beanie

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This is a quick and easy beanie pattern for people who love Harry Potter. There are a few techniques involved that are great for newbies such as color changing, decreases, and knitting in the round. My boyfriend hasn’t been knitting for long and was able to master it on his first try!


If you’re not a Harry Potter fan this is still a great pattern to use for sports teams or any of your favorite color combinations. It’s a one size fits most as stockinette stitches are fairly stretchy.

Feel free to use this pattern for personal use or for business.

What you will need: 

  • Main color – MC
  • Contrasting color – CC
  • Size US 10.5 Circular Needles (cns)
  • Size US10.5 Double Pointed Needles (dpns)
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Stitch Marker (m)

Yarn Suggestions:

Gryffindor – Red Heart Burgundy and Gold

Ravenclaw – Caron Midnight Blue and I Love This Yarn Light Gray

Slytherin – Red Heart Forest Green and I Love This Yarn Light Gray

Hufflepuff – Red Heart Gold and Black

Pattern guide:

  • Main Color – MC
  • Contrasting Color – CC
  • Cast On – CO
  • Stitches – sts
  • Rounds – rnds
  • Needle – n
  • Circular Needles – cns
  • Double Pointed Needles – dpns
  • Marker – m
  • Place Marker – pm
  • Stitch – st
  • Knit – k
  • Purl – p
  • Stockinette Stitch – St st
  • Knit Two Together – k2tog
  • Slip, Slip, Knit – Ssk
  • Beginning – beg
  • With – w/
  • And – &
  • Continue – cont
  • Decrease – dec
  • Repeat – rep
  • Remain – rem
  • Alternate – alt
  • Between – bet

Stitch Guide:

  • 2×2 rib st – k2, p2
  • St st (in the round) – k
  • Ssk – Slip 1 st onto right n as if to k, k1, slip the slipped st over the k st
  • K2tog – k 2 sts together as if one



Using cns & mc CO 60 sts & join careful not to twist


Work 4 rnds 2×2 rib st

K 2 rnds

Join CC, k 2 rnds – do NOT cut!

Wrap MC & CC then w/MC k 2 rnds

Wrap MC & CC then w/CC, k 2 rnds

Cut CC leaving a tail long enough to tuck in later

W/MC cont St st until 25 rnds from rib st (29 rnds)

*You will now begin dec rnds. Switch to dpns or use magic loop method as you see fit. There will be 4 segments of 15 sts. It’s easier to keep track of where to do dec sts if you transfer your sts to dpns and dec at beg of n.

Dec rnd: *k2tog, k13: rep until end of rnd (56 sts rem)

Next rnd: k

Alt bet dec rnd & k rnd until you are left w/8 sts on dpns or 32 sts total

k2tog to end (16 sts rem)


Alt bet dec rnd & k rnd once more (8 sts rem)

Cut 12 inch tail, use tapestry needle to drawstring rem sts close and sew shut. Tuck in all ends.








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